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Last year, a home burglary occurred once every 15 Seconds! That’s 4 burglaries per minute and 240 burglaries per hour! This number is up 17% from last year and there is STILL less than 30% of homes in the US being monitored by home security systems. With all these alarming statistics floating around, we feel it is our duty to help keep you and your home safe. The above Home has clickable objects (door, upstairs window, security camera, etc) and upon clicking, you will be informed on how to keep that aspect of your home safe and why it is so important. Education is key and I hope you keep these facts in mind while you are trying to keep your home and your family safe!

How To Stay Safe: While locking your door is very important, there are other aspects of safety regarding your door. Make sure to have a mailbox outside rather than a mail slot on your door and also make sure to have a peephole so you can see who is at your door before opening it.

How To Stay Safe: Build a waist-high fence around your yard. Building this fence will leave your home welcoming to visitors, but not so welcoming to burglars!

Why: Houses with gates that make noise work as a deterrent for would-be burglars.

How To Stay Safe: Lock your windows and make sure your security system is hooked up to your windows in case of a break in!

Why: 30% of Burglaries Occur due to Window Entry.

How To Stay Safe: Make sure you have 2 locks (normal doorknob lock and deadbolt/chain lock) on your door at ALL times and keep both locked during the day AND night!

Why: Over 820,000 burglaries occurred in broad daylight and 34% of those burglars entered through the front door.

How To Stay Safe: Have a light outside of each entry/exit door to your home. Make sure these lights are motion sensored and are out of reach so they cannot be tampered with.

Why: Many burglars get spooked when they believe they can be seen. By having a light go off, there is a good chance that the burglar will be deterred.

How To Stay Safe: Having a camera visible outside is among the best ways to keep a burglar out of your yard and more importantly, your home. Having indoor cameras streaming to a phone/tablet is very helpful also when you are not home!

Why: While out, there is always a possibility that a break in will occur. With cameras hooked up, there will leave little doubt in your mind that your home is safe!

How To Stay Safe: Plant bushes close to ground level windows. Bushes not only look nice, but also serve as a great source of security for your home.

Why: Having bushes close to your home’s windows makes breaking in through them very difficult for potential burglars and prevents them from peeking into your home for goods to steal!

How To Stay Safe: Owning a dog, if allergies permit, can be a top notch deterrent. Not only will most dogs bark at incoming visitors to alert you, but they can also be intimidating to potential burglars!

Why: While we don’t encourage owning a dog for the sole purpose of security, if you have the love to give these animals, they will give it back tenfold and keep you safe!

How To Stay Safe: Keep your car in your garage if possible, but if not, make sure you have an alarm system in your vehicle and make sure the car is locked and parked inside of a gate. It also helps to have a motion sensored light over your driveway to scare away criminals

Why: Over 2,500 cars are stolen everyday. Thats almost 2 cars per second!

How To Stay Safe: When you are not home, leaving an upstairs (or kitchen) light on can act as a great deterrent of potential burglars.

Why: 72% of break-ins occur when the burglar believes nobody is home at the residence.

How To Stay Safe: Having an alarm system hooked up to your home is the best way to make sure your goods stay safe. Alarm systems act as a deterrent when your home is broken into and keeping a sign in your yard can be the best deterrent possible to potential burglars!

Why: There were over 2.5 Million Home Burglaries in the US last year and only 17% of US homes have Security Systems.

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